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Image by Hutomo Abrianto
A brief overview of the buying process

1.  Acquire building lot

2. Know your building steps

    (see buying guide below)


3. Pick a Redwood Home Model 

4. Design consultation

5. Quote, contract and purchase

6. Building production

7. Site preparation

(services, foundation type, permits & scheduling)

8. Delivery to building site.

1. Location

First, you will need to find a site where your Tiny Home will live. Will this be a rural location, or in a city? Will this be a stand alone home or a secondary unit to an existing home? This decision may determine your utility options, lifestyle, cost and access to services. 

a. Rural 
b. City

Septic system and private well

Serviced lot with hookup availability to municipal services

2. Foundation

Depending on your location and the property you are having your tiny home on, the next step is determining what style of foundation to build on. Site conditions, geographic or municipal restrictions and personal preference will all factor into what type of base your home sits on.

a. Slab on Grade

Concrete slab near ground level

b. Teleposts

Helical coils with metal fasteners to structure

c. Trailer &

    Insulated Skirting

Wheels removed & skirt insulated

d. Conventional                   Concrete Foundation

If you require/desire more living space underneath

3. Electrical Service

Now you should choose what type of power system you would like to have for your home. The deciding factor between these two depends on what ability you have to connect to an electrical grid, as well as consideration of lifestyle and upfront vs operating cost choice. 

a. Grid system

b. Off Grid system

Conventional hookup to electrical grid

Solar, wind, generator system

4. Heating

How will you be heating your home? What resources do you have access to at your property? This is another cost and lifestyle determining decision as well as municipal bylaws in your area

a. Gas

Propane or natural gas forced air furnace

b. Electric

c. Biomass Fuel

Ductless Minisplit, Wall Heaters, Baseboard Heater

Wood or pellet stove

5. Cooling

Will you want cooling for your home?

a. ​Mini-split

A outdoor and indoor unit that is wall-mounted, and delivers heated or cooled air directly into the living space – no ductwork needed.

6. Toilet

What type of waste system best suits your lot/lifestyle needs

* these types of system are allowed or not allowed at the discretion of your local municipality*

b. Water hookup

a. Conventional

Water flush toilet


Private well and water system required


Hookup to municipal water supply 

7. Usage

What is the primary purpose for this tiny Structure? 


  • Full time home

  • Part time home

  • Aging in place

  • Guest suite/ backyard guest cottage

  • Vacation getaway

  • Home office

  • Income property

  • Business 

  • Other ___________________

8. Party Size

How many people will be living in the Tiny Home?

Some considerations 

  • What are the age of the occupants?

  • Are there any accessibility needs?

  • What is the relationship of the occupants?

9. Pick a model!

Now that you have a good idea of your building parameters, have a look through our Models to see which home will best suit your needs.

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