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The Redwood Team
Yuergen Beck


Jurgen Beck


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Joanne Beck

Project Coordinator

Victoria Dortono


The Redwood Story

Redwood Homes 1000 Islands Ltd is the culmination of knowledge and experience gained through years of working in and around residential structures. Redwood's President, Yuergen Beck, is a licensed Carpenter (1990, Province of Ontario). He’s experienced in building, renovating, and restoring all areas of the home. In 1991 he started his own business in the disaster restoration industry; since then he’s worked in almost every area of the conventional home. With a love for restoring old structures using up-to-date technologies and experience building new homes from the ground up, Yuergen has been part of the building process from the basement to the roof. Along with his wife and partner, Joanne, they continue to enjoy working with a repeat customer base for the last 30 years. In that time, their desire to be part of a Canadian housing solution became apparent.

In 2014, they started to think about a change in housing concepts and how they were built. Affordability has always been a priority when considering how to create a home for Canadians, and in 2015, Redwood Homes 1000 Islands Ltd was created as a result. Redwood Homes express purpose is to create homes that fit the person, rather than people trying to fit the home. This way of thinking is what drove Yuergen and Joanne to create a new way of looking at home ownership and home usefulness.

With an eye to minimalism, quality structures, and customizing a home to the specific needs of the end user; our designs reflect countless hours of listening and creating products that suit a neglected, yet growing market.

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