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House Frames
Conventional Homes

Our Background

Having built conventional housing for 30 years, Redwood President and licensed Carpenter,  Yuergen Beck, has a strong background in all types of residential construction projects. We are not home assemblers: We are home builders. We design, build and fabricate all parts of the home from the foundation to the roof. This is your assurance that your home is being built by someone who knows and cares. We have built our business on long term relationships and value the reward of generational and repeat customers.



All of our homes are built piece by piece,  whether a tiny home or larger conventional model, with attention to detail with in-house staff, and licensed subtrades. There are no shortcuts taken and never will be. With attention to detail, we work hard to earn every customers trust as we build great homes for Canadians, one house at a time. We offer solid warranties on all work we perform so you can  be assured of living in a well built home.

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