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Eco Homes

What is an Eco Home?

What is an eco-home? Eco-homes are known by different names depending on the style, one of the most intriguing being the “earthship”. The concept behind an earthship came out of New Mexico, with the goal of using recycled materials and incorporating the landscape into the design for natural insulation and temperature regulation. Eco-homes can be built in many styles to fit each homeowner’s individual desire.


Redwood Homes is excited to participate in yet another housing solution. With our participation in the first eco-home finished and another build in progress, it’s easy to see the potential of these unique homes!


If you’re interested in seeing one in person don’t hesitate to reach out so we can schedule a tour!

Earth Ship-12.jpg
Eco Homes
We Have Built

These are some photos from passive homes we have built, and a glimpse into the unique and innovative building structure that they are made from. 

The Benefits of an Eco Home

Living in an Eco home provides numerous benefits, including sustainability through recycled materials and renewable resources, energy efficiency, cost savings, self-sufficiency, reduced environmental impact, a closer connection to nature, resilience against extreme weather, and a unique and inspiring living experience that aligns with a commitment to sustainability and ecological responsibility.

How Eco Homes Work

Here is a brief diagram on how Eco Homes function. 


Solar Panels 


Large Windows


Rain Falls on Roof


Water Storage

earthship diagram.png

Geo-thermal Vents


Water Management 


Water Distribution & Usage 


Air Ventilation

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