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  • What is a tiny home?
    A home that ranges in 200-400 square feet. They can be trailer based, or on a conventional foundation, or slab on grade. In order to be installed officially, they need to be insulated, useable in all four seasons, permanently attached to water and septic/sewer systems, depending on their location.
  • What are the Benefits of a tiny home?
    1. YOU SAVE MONEY. Affordable cost 2. YOU PAY LESS LONG TERM. The cost of upkeep is lower than conventional homes 3. You get your home fully customized to what YOU WANT AND NEED 4. You get your home faster! They are a quicker build 5. You can Maximize space
  • Why choose Redwood Homes as your builder?
    Great Question! 1. We build on superior frames and foundations, 2. Our structures are outfitted with the latest in mechanical and electrical technology, to make an efficient home that costs as little as possible to operate with minimal maintenance required. 3. All of our structures are insulated with a spray-in place foam insulation that gives the best possible insulation available and will maintain its R-value for years to come without deterioration. 4. Our exterior finishes are all done with a prefinished wood siding that will not need painting or maintenance for many years. 5. Our interiors are designed for maximum efficiency and usage, with no wasted space. Our interiors are also quality materials and workmanship and can be customized to fit personal taste. 6. Our roof systems are all steel. This is done for longevity and appearance, with minimal maintenance required.
  • Do you offer Warranties?
    Yes! Every home comes with a 7 year warranty on all finishes and workmanship and our seal of quality. Give us a shout for more information about our Warranty.
  • What is the process of buying a Tiny Home from Redwood Homes?
    Great Question! We have played this process all out on our website. Head to our page where you can check out, or download a PDF breakdown of what this process looks like.
  • Does Ontario allow for Tiny Homes?
    Yes. In May, 2020, The Province of Ontario stated they recognize the need for alternative housing solutions. One of those solutions is tiny home. Check out our Page on The province of Ontario & Tiny Homes, to learn all about Ontario's allowances for Tiny Homes, and where you fit it!
More Questions?

Still have questions after reading through our FAQ's? Give us a shout, so we can answer any questions you may have!

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