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Everything You Need to Know- Tiny Homes
Our Models

Click here to check out our tiny home models and floor plans. Here you can learn all the details to help you find exactly which tiny home would be the perfect fit for you!

Buyer's Guide

Click here to see our step by step guide that highlights all the steps of the Redwood Home buying process. 

Tiny Home Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still deciding if a tiny home is for you? Read through our commonly asked questions about Tiny Homes to see if it would be the fit for you!

Ontario Guidelines

Everything you need to know about Ontario's Guidelines to Tiny Homes

Who are Tiny Homes for?

Tiny Homes are the right fit for so many different people's situations. Have a look through some case examples where Tiny Homes were the exact right answer!

Compare Models & Pricing

Not sure which model is the best fit for you? Checkout our Compare page to see models in a closer look side by side, as well as cost comparisons

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