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Prototype Build 2019
Image by Zhouxing Lu
Prototype Build

In 2015, Redwood was formed to focus on alternative housing solutions for Canadians. Part of that focus was to look at ways that affordable homes could be brought to so many Canadians who want to buy their own home. Part of that housing solution is tiny homes.

In 2019, we partnered with Cornerstone Landing Youth Services, Algonquin College, and Graff Architecture, all of Eastern Ontario, to help create a small piece of the solution needed for emergency housing in Ontario. We collaborated on the design and then constructed a 200-square-foot tiny home which is meant to serve homeless youth in Lanark County, Ontario. The home will be used for both actual temporary housing needs in our area, as well as a prototype of a structure, built to meet and exceed Ontario Building Code standards for conventional housing, on a smaller scale than typically larger homes. It was built to demonstrate and serve as a practical housing solution for a number of Canadians.


Below are some pictures to briefly highlight our building process. While this prototype was built on a steel trailer frame, This was for demonstration purposes only and ease of transport. All structures we build start with steel foundation, suitable for installation on conventional foundation, or slab on grade,  or tech posts.

We were very honored that Redwood Homes was chosen to build this project, and we are equally as excited to continue the momentum of Tiny Homes in our community and Canada. We encourage you to reach out if you have any questions, inquiries, or wish to speak more about what we are doing. 

We have now designed a number of home models in size from 120 - 400 square feet, (Tiny homes), as well as some 400 - 800 sq feet, (compact homes) that feature many upgrades, technologies, and available options for people to customize to their own taste.

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