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Developers & Municipalities:
Image by Paul Hanaoka

Developers and Municipalities, 


Since we incorporated in 2015, Redwood Homes 1000 Islands ltd, has had one primary focus when it comes to alternative housing, and specifically Tiny Homes: We want to help create an industry standard in Ontario and Canada, that builds a superior and sustainable tiny home product. We are only interested in developing homes that appreciate in value, allow for sustainable development and that provide a small but effective solution in our growing housing crisis in Canada. We are doing this with research and consultation with end users and other global builders. 

We have been involved with a prototype build with Algonquin College, and a regional housing provider for homeless youth, as well as been in countless consultations with a number of municipalities and the province of Ontario, to create and build both a home product and a tiny home industry in Canada that will last and be here for generations. As founder and president, I have been to Europe and throughout the States, to visit with other industry leaders and see what it takes to create a home product that will appreciate in value, function as a complete conventional home, and have the ability to move safely to a permanent build site. 

We believe our products are superior in quality, unequaled in Canada, and are built to last through the extremes of Canadian heat and cold. Our homes will only ever include a steel base and spine, spray foam insulation on all surfaces, prefinished wood siding with steel roofing. Our homes are made to last and used for generations. 


As Developers and Municipalities, we welcome your inquiries regarding doing a small to large subdivision or settlement area with a complete range of Redwood homes. We can facilitate the design and build, suitable to your needs and look forward to developing this type of housing solutions for Canadians. If this interests your company or municipality, please contact us today, to discuss the possibilities. 


Yuergen Beck 


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