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Redwood Quality

Setting the Industry Standard

As the tiny home industry is relatively new in Canada, . Redwood Homes Ltd. is proud to help set a higher standard for this industry and are committed to the constant research and development of better technologies, better designs, partnerships with learning institutions, and the commitment to be on the leading edge of craftsmanship and quality for the tiny home industry. You can trust in the quality of actual experienced home builders to build a structure that will appreciate in value, like any conventional home. Don't settle for an inferior home structure. At Redwood Homes, we are licensed Carpenters and Craftsmen who only build a superior product every time. There is a difference.

Frame &

All Redwood structures begin with a steel frame and foundation. Whether the home will be permanently attached on a slab on grade or conventional foundation, our structures all start with a steel base for maximum strength and durability.


Our structures are outfitted with the latest in mechanical and electrical technology, to make an efficient home that costs as little as possible to operate with minimal maintenance required.

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All of our structures are insulated with a spray-in place foam insulation (floors, walls and ceilings) that gives the best possible insulation available and will maintain its R-value for years to come without deterioration.


Our exterior finishes are all done with a prefinished wood siding that will not need painting or maintenance for many years

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Our interiors are designed for maximum efficiency and usage, with no wasted space. Our interiors are also quality materials and workmanship and can be customized to fit personal taste. From rustic cabin look with natural wood grains to contemporary smooth panels and walls, our finishes look sharp and are done with great workmanship and quality materials.


Our roof systems are all steel. This is done for longevity and appearance, with minimal maintenance required


Every home comes with a 7 year warranty on all finishes and workmanship and our seal of quality. We want you to let all your friends know about the quality of your home and how much you like living in them.

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