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Yuergen Beck
President of Redwood Homes

Thanks for checking out our page. I think it is important to know who you are dealing with in today's world when your investing such huge money in a home. The answer is very simple with Redwood; You are dealing with a family run business that is willing to put their name on a product that they have designed, built and sold. We have been home builders and renovators since I went on my own at age 25 and started my own construction business. We have been part of every aspect of home construction, and had chapters of home inspection, Insurance loss prevention, as well as heating and cooling and extensive years in renovations and repairs. 

After several years of working all around the home, inside and out, and being active members of our local and regional community, our business focus came into a sharper view in the past decade. Joanne and I have a heart and passion to build     "Homes for everyone". We have been part of a number of community groups over the years that identify and try to make livable and respectable space for all Canadians. Box house builders are everywhere, and they are needed. We are not them however: We  have long since recognized the need to provide an affordable but more importantly a well built structure for the average Canadian. We care about homelessness in Canada and while we need to make an income, our desire is to see all Canadians have a warm place that they can call their own. Caring about people and where they sleep at night is foundational principle in our company. My personal passion is that every Indigenous Canadian deserves a respectable home that they can be proud of and wants to come home to. This is a huge and terrible need in our country and something that motivates us to get up and keep building.

I have been to various countries over the last 6 years to see what they are doing and what technologies work and do not work. We believe we have come up with a superior home product that regardless of style or size you need, contains the specific components that make our homes superior to anything that is currently being offered for a climate like ours. While style and design are important to the eye, they cannot be at the cost of function. We believe that you need and deserve a balance of both in order to have a home that will appreciate in value, and provide years of warmth and comfort. We can design and build to almost anything you want or we can offer a set of predesigned homes that are suitable for many. Call me direct today if you are in the market to purchase a well built home. We can ship our homes almost anywhere as well as to the north, by transport, rail and water.

Yuergen Beck


Redwood Homes 1000 Islands. Ltd.

Athens, Ontario


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